LFW 2017: Sound Of The Catwalk

We find out how designers choose a mix to strut to.


Its every fashionistas’ favourite time of the year, London Fashion Week. Expect to see the sharpest, the edgiest, and the most exclusive of affairs, but also expect to hear the most pumped up music.

It’s often something that we take for granted at a fashion show, but can you imagine a fashion show without any music? An eerie space, completely silent aside from the awkward tip toeing of stilettos and the occasional camera flash.

Or even worse, a catwalk filled with music that just didn’t go, flow or transition properly? This would probably happen…

Music is actually an integral part of any fashion show with designers and musicians often collaborating, spending a lot of time and effort creating catwalk mixes.

Here are a handful of phenomenal designers talking about their catwalk sound:


Alexandra Moura

There’s one word in particular that can be used to describe this designer.  Edgy. So how do you create a sound that compliments this look? By thinking out of the box of course…or by thinking like The Box! Like what we did there?



Alexandra Moura catwalk soundtracks are always original and her LFW music has been produced by Miguel Cardona. She doesn’t have a “go to” sound meaning that every single show has a different soundtrack and you never really know what you’re going to get. The music that is played at the show is incredibly important to Alexandra and is influenced by the collection itself. The creation of the music is quite a timely process and can take up to anywhere between 1 week to a month. Now that is dedication.

What do these next 3 designers and BeBoxMusic all have in common? Our joint shared love for brand new, live music of course!


Jack Irving 

Jack Irving Fall Winter 2017 London Fashion Week Copyright Catwalking.com 'One Time Only' Publication Editorial Use Only

Festival season may be over but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like it’s over. If this has hit a spot with you then then look no further than Jack Irving. He describes himself as a storyteller and fantasist and this plays a big part in his extraordinary collection.



capwisle 1

Think tartan, tears and trendy. Like the sound of that? Then Caplanentwisle may be the style for you. This namesake label is based around the idea of ‘handcraft v handmade’ and has been created by designers Adam Entwisle and Co designer Emma Caplan.


Luke Anthony Rooney 

luke anthony 1

Its bright, it’s colourful and it feels kind of funky and we mean literally feels funky as he uses a variety of unique textures…it’s Luke Anthony Rooney.

Although these three designers are distinctively different they all share a similar musical vision surrounding what they want their shows to sound like. Similar to us at BeBoxMusic, they are big fans of fresh, new and live music. With the keen ear (and eye) of Director Lee Lapthorne they work with a team of music agents and record labels to discover new, exciting and emerging talents in live music.  They like their sounds to be raw and full of energy so that the models can strut their stuff whilst they walk. It’s also important to them that the band have a good vibe and energy. We completely agree, music can really make or break a show!

And speaking of music making shows Versace certainly had the right idea when she let her models parade down the runway whilst Drake rapped about Versace. Perhaps Ed Sheeran might serenade us with a song about Stella McCartney? Or even Stormzy spittin’ some bars about Burberry?

Who knows? Anything could go down at London Fashion Week.


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