BeBox is the brand new digital channel from the UK’s number one music TV network: The Box Plus Network. BeBox joins eight world famous brands: The Box, Box Upfront, Box Hits, Box Africa, 4Music, Kiss, Magic and Kerrang! We created BeBox because, quite frankly, we’re a business and we spied an opportunity. Our side of the deal, we’ll try to serve up some great music and pop-culture content. Your side is just enjoy the content and maybe watch an ad or two.

The opportunity we saw was that we don’t think there are too many places to find the content we like, or certainly not in the way we like to see it. We love music & pop-culture (pop-culture being a broad enough term for us to cover most things that interest us), and luckily (and we are lucky), as The Box Plus Network, we get to meet lots of pop-stars and other super talented people so we’ll cover all of that, we’ll share what we find online and we’ll try to talk about things that we (or we think you’ll) find interesting.

If you’re interested in getting in touch, please do. You can respond to any of our content on the social networks we’re on. If you’re a business type and are interested in advertising, partnership or something similar, find us here.

Thanks. And Enjoy